Meeting the Needs of a Diverse Range of Customers

Products, services, and expertise to meet your needs.

For more than a century we've worked side-by-side with customers to understand their challenges and help implement effective solutions. This wealth of experience enables us to provide a broad range of industry-specific products and services — and the expertise to put them to work for you.

  • Oil & Gas

    We serve upstream, downstream and midstream markets around the world in both the offshore and onshore environments, along with various refinery and petrochemical operations.

  • Chemical, Coatings & Paint

    Any of our IBC’s can be adapted to accommodate a wide variety of blenders and mixers, ensuring consistency of your product when discharging.

  • Food, Beverage & Flavors

    From distilling, blending, fermentation or storage, Hoover Ferguson IBC's can offer your organization the perfect container solutions.

  • Government & Military

    Our high performance solutions with provisioning equipment that protects and secures military equipment, to safe and economical handling and compacting of commercial materials.

  • Maritime & Cruise Ship

    Our compactors, balers, crushers, and food grinders are rugged, reliable equipment that improves efficiency and Meet MARPOL and other industry regulations.

  • Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic

    With the stringent requirements for in-house processing, the Hoover Ferguson Liquitote IBC is a perfect solution for the Pharmaceutical industry

  • Wine & Distillery

    From distilling, blending, fermentation or storage, Hoover Ferguson IBC’s can offer your food and beverage organization the perfect container solution.

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