Maritime & Cruise Ship

The maritime industry continues to experience growth in the United States and internationally. With the continual growth and industry conventions, Hoover Ferguson compactors, balers, crushers and food grinders are perfect for the high demands placed on the industry with MARPOL regulations and requirements. Features of these products include:

  • Compactors that will reduce waste up to 90%
  • Reduce footprint and increase safety
  • Functional features include roll-out carts, with bulkhead devise to hold in place
  • Stainless steel (reduce harsh salt water deterioration)
  • Segregate waste at the source needing smaller footprint
  • Bale cardboard and plastic with compactor/baler that tilts allowing forklift/crane/skid handling
  • Multi-compartment recycling compactors for integrated recycling programs with 4, 6 or eight chambers

For commercial trash compacting and recycling waste materials, Hoover Ferguson offers the Enviro-Pak line of products with a number of options for compactors, balers, and crushers.  When cost savings by reducing volume and space are demanded, Hoover Ferguson’s Enviro-Pak line offers solutions.

Hoover Ferguson can help with your maritime or cruise ship application. Please contact us to learn more!

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