Tank Recertification

Catalyst & Chemical Containers (CCC) is the world’s largest providers of specialty Bins and containers for the petroleum refining, gas processing, and petrochemical industry. Our experiences allow us to understand the importance of making safety the highest priority in our people, products, and our services.

We know the importance of having your equipment working properly, safely and ready for use.

CCC is a fully certified and approved Tank Inspection and Recertification facility through Transport Canada (TC) & the Department of Transport (DOT). These certifications allow CCC to recertify a variety of industrial tanks.

CCC is fully certified and approved through Transport Canada & DOT to inspect, test and recertify:

  • Tidy Tanks
  • Fuel Storage Tanks
  • IBCs
  • Diesel Skid Tanks

As per Transport Canada & DOT, UN Standard IBCs are required to be tested and recertified every 30 months. UN standard mobile IBCs require recertification every 60 months. However, if your operating site has specific requirements for increased testing for safety & liability criteria we can arrange a recertification program to suit your needs.

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