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Protecting our environment and enhancing our community are noble goals that Hoover Ferguson and our customers take very seriously. We are continuously alert to opportunities to contribute to environmental stewardship and the greater good.



The Recycle the Gulf ® volunteer program is a shining example of how private companies and communities working together can have a major impact on our world.

Started in 2001 by Tech-Oil Products, now a Hoover Ferguson business unit, the program has recycled more than 12 million pounds of waste produced by the E&P industry in the Gulf of Mexico. We continue the program today in partnership with our customers and The ARC of Acadiana, an organization dedicated improving the life of people with developmental disabilities.

Through the program, recyclable wastes are sorted and compacted on the rig.

  • “Green” bags are used to transport the recycle materials to the rig’s dock facility where they are stored in Recycled Waste Only containers.
  • Hoover Ferguson regularly collects and exchanges the bags and delivers them to ARC of Acadiana. Contributions are accounted for by company, and monthly reports are posted to the website.
  • ARC of Acadiana employees grade the recycle material.
  • All the revenue from recycled materials is donated to the ARC of Acadiana.

 The program produces three key benefits:

  • Environmental Protection
  • Enhanced Corporate Responsibility
  • Community Improvement

 To date, participants have recycled over 4.1 million pounds of waste. In 2004 the Environmental Protection Agency awarded Recycle the Gulf its Gulf Guardian award for:

 “Collaborative environmental efforts leading to neighborhood solutions that transcend political boundaries.”- Benjamin Grumbles, EPA

The program enables compliance with environmental standards set forth by MARPOL 73/78—to eliminate pollution by oil and other harmful substances and minimize accidental spillage— and ISO 14001—which provides criteria for environmental management systems to improve efficiency, reduce waste and drive down costs.

The process enhances corporate social and environmental responsibility: Pollution is reduced, the community is enhanced, and company reputation and financial performance is improved.

Community enhancement is a major benefit of Recycle the Gulf. Through it, the ARC of Acadiana enriches the daily lives of many disabled individuals with jobs and purpose. The program provides employment, and all revenue from the sale of recyclables are donated to the company. 

Enviro-Pak products are an important enabler of Recycle the Gulf.  We provide our customers with the ability to effectively, efficiently collect and transport waste. 

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