Pipe Sling Management Services

We maintain a large inventory of pipe slings that are preloaded on to custom racks that facilitate one complete lift from ground to boat.

Hoover Ferguson offers a sling management program designed to meet standard sling certification requirements and to ensure sling safety on your operation. Slings are required to be certified once every 12 months. Hoover Ferguson performs visual inspections and pull tests for slings within their certifications to verify everything is in proper working order and within the guidelines of mandated certification requirements. Hoover Ferguson provides reports of each onsite analysis and maintains all maintenance and certifications records.


  • All slings are manufactured with primary and secondary tagging system
  • Sling ends can be color coded for multiple rigs
  • Each sling is load tested to a 2-to-1 safety factor on date of manufacture and load retested for a 2-to-1 safety factor at 1 year
  • All slings are pre-looped and clamped
  • Slings have individual serial numbers and are recorded for traceability
  • When visual inspection is requested, any slings that do not pass inspection will be discarded, and replaced.
  • Lost sling / clamp policy: Hoover Ferguson allows for 10% of total job invoice in lost slings and clamps

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