Bulk Packaging Services

CCC has been providing rail transport and bulk services for fresh and spent catalyst since 1995.
Our bulk division provides complete bulk catalyst logistic services to major oil refineries. We do this safely and economically via a transport system of specially built leak-proof rail cars and augers.

As the industry leader our innovative bulk solutions team can assist you in designing a safe & economical system that will look after all your fresh and spent catalyst unit needs.

Economic Advantages of Bulk Packaging Services

  • Reduced liability with railcars carrying 185,000 lbs / 83.915 kg vs. 45,000 lbs / 20.412 kg for trucks
  • 1/4 the environmental risk and 1/4 the paperwork
  • Reduced refinery manpower
  • Reduced refinery traffic
  • Totally enclosed systems reduce risk of spill
  • Real time visibility of railcars
  • Unloading systems installed at major recyclers and possible at virtually any location served by rail
  • Giant-Bins

    Specifically designed for its operational ease in catalyst unloading.

  • Bin Cars

    Offers an economical method of rail transport and bulk services for fresh and spent catalyst.

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