Catalyst Bin 2M3

Our Catalyst & Chemical Containers meet and exceed industry standards. They are designed, manufactured and qualified to meet UN11 A/X standards: to deliver performance dependability, ensure customer safety, and satisfy regulatory requirements. Our Catalyst-Bins are built to withstand rough handling and accidental rollovers.

Product Specification

  • Material - Solid Steel (3mm)
  • Bottom Slide Gate Opening - 9.25" x 22" (235 mm x 565 mm)
  • UN Classification - UN 11 A/X
  • Top lid - 18" (5486 mm)
  • Bottom discharge - 1 slide valve 9.25" x 22.2" (235 x 565mm)
  • Closure discharge opening - two off center turning cam bars
  • Nitrogen connection - on the cone of the Bin
  • Pick up - Four way by forklift
  • Identification - on two sides of the Bin

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Units: US Metric
Catalyst BinsNominal LengthNominal WidthNominal HeightMaximum Gross Weight
2M³ Bin 51" 43" 84" 5478 (LBS)
Catalyst Bins Nominal Length Nominal Width Nominal Height Maximum Gross Weight
2M³ Bin 1295 (mm) 1100 (mm) 2130 (mm) 2490 (Kgs)


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