The SPA Catalyst-Bin is specifically designed for operational ease in catalyst unloading as the Bin has a fully removable top lid.

There’s no bottom opening on the SPA Catalyst-Bin as such it is suitable for unloading and storing of copper and wet catalysts.

A forklift with a rotating fork is required to safely lift and empty the Bins.

The SPA Catalyst-Bins can be stacked two high, increasing storage efficiency.


Units: US Metric
Catalyst BinsNominal LengthNominal WidthNominal HeightMaximum Gross Weight
Spa Bin 43" 53" 66" 7572 (LBS)
Catalyst Bins Nominal Length Nominal Width Nominal Height Maximum Gross Weight
Spa Bin 1500 (mm) 1100 (mm) 1690 (mm) 3435 (Kgs)

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