Low Profile Baskets

The Hoover Ferguson Low Profile Cargo Baskets fleet has been designed and manufactured in accordance with DNV2.7-1 / BSEN 12079. The units are supplied with certified slings and shackles as standard. All units are stackable where deck space or yard space is at a premium. The low profile design was introduced to our fleet with safety in mind. Cargo can be easily accessed without having to climb in the basket reducing the risk of bending or climbing related injuries. Hoover Ferguson Cargo Baskets can be supplied with cargo nets or tarpaulins. The Cargo Baskets are also supplied with internal tie down points throughout the interior provide strong points to secure cargo.


Our basket units are:
  • Designed to be safely and securely stacked to optimize space
  • Offer multiple internal tie-down points for safe and secure transportation of cargo
  • Net securing points on all units
  • Cargo restraining nets available, if required
  • Anti-slip surfaces on floors
  • Drainage points are standard
  • Optional load protection cover
  • Optional custom cradles can be installed to enhance the security of high value cargo
  • Certified slings complete with shackles are provided according to DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 standards
  • Side walls are under three feet allows user to gain easy access to the units contents


Units: US Metric
Product NameExternal LengthExternal WidthExternal HeightInternal LengthInternal WidthInternal HeightTare WeightPayloadMaximum Gross Weight
Low Profile Basket 40' 4' 1' 39' 6" 3' 6" 1' 6" 6499 (lbs) 23499 (lbs) 29998 (lbs)
Low Profile Basket 12192 (mm) 1219 (mm) 457 (mm) 12090 (mm) 1066 (mm) 457 (mm) 2948 (kgs) 10659 (kgs) 13607 (kgs)

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