Composite IBC Tanks

By combining a rotationally molded polyethylene bottle with a heavy-duty cage, frame or shell, Hoover Ferguson has designed a complete line of composite IBCs for any variety of situations and environments that call for an extra layer of protection.

Our Composite Tote Tanks are manufactured with the highest quality capital equipment and most experienced technicians in the industry and we offer many different options including rentals to meet your unique application requirements.

  • Composite Tanks

    Withstands harsh, offshore environmental factors such as salt spray, chemical exposure, and falling objects.

  • Stacked Composite Tanks

    A composite feeder container on top of a Liquitote; IBC base container.

  • Polycone 45 Polyethylene Tote Tanks

    Reusable, corrosion resistant, rotationally-molded bottle plus the 45 degree angled conical-shape bottom.

  • One-Way IBC's / EZTotes

    Shipping and handling of liquids is even simpler and more secure with Hoover's one-way tank.

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