Stacked Composite Tote Tanks

An efficient solution to liquid handling is Hoover Ferguson's stacked composite tank system. This stackable composite IBC system has a composite feeder container (which is removable and refillable) on top of a Liquitote® IBC base container. This allows liquids to be piped directly to the area of use from the base tank. The stacked composite tank contains a lid assembly for the in-plant tank, vapor return line, liquid transfer hose, and top tank lid assembly.

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  • Continuous feed of chemical to in house system
  • Closed system with no vapor release
  • No production downtime
  • Sight gauge allows for chemical monitoring
  • Allows for complete usage of chemicals without premature changeovers
  • Optimum floor space utilization in production area.
  • Top tank change overs can be planned and do not interrupt production levels
  • Allows for quick turnaround of transfer top container with supplier reducing container inventory

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