Custom IBC's

We recognize that your company has unique liquid handling challenges.

Therefore, our experienced sales team and engineering department will work with you to analyze your application and determine your specific needs in order to create a custom IBC solution that is perfect for you and your application.


1. Design Idea

Hoover Ferguson's sales and engineering staff will work with your initial ideas, sketches, or drawings and jointly work to refine them into an IBC that meets your application needs. We will design a container that meets or exceeds your expectations after we receive your specific customer requirements.

2. Design Proposal & Approval

Taking into account price, quality and serviceability, Hoover Ferguson’s engineering staff will create detailed drawings for your review and approval of the design.

3. Consultation

Hoover Ferguson’s engineering and manufacturing managers will consult with you throughout the development stage of the project to insure all objectives are met. We provide onsite consultation, facility visits, as well as phone and webinar meetings to best meet the objectives of providing you with a complete turnkey solution.

4. Fabrication Services

Hoover Ferguson's in house equipment such as precision laser cutting, bending, forming and welding sheet metal, and machining allows us to customize your IBC containers to your needs. We custom make each and every tank to your needs as required.

5. Production

Hoover Ferguson uses the latest in welding and robot welding technology to produce your custom tote tank that exceeds your expectations.

6. Quality Assurance

Hoover Ferguson is a ISO 9001:2008 certified facility. We provide full quality assurance services to meet your audit requirements.

7. Shipping

Hoover Ferguson will provide full transportation services by using our choice or your choice of carrier. Hoover Ferguson’s logistics staff will make sure your product arrives when needed.

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