350 Gallon (1325 liter) IBC Containers

The 350 gallon (1325 liter) Intermediate Bulk Container is one of Hoover Ferguson’s most popular IBC’s. Hoover Ferguson's advanced manufacturing technology provides a one-piece Liquitote body, 10-gauge (.135”/3.4 mm) stainless steel construction and single-seam welding, for greater strength and durability.

The Liquitote features either a center drain or side drain discharge outlet to meet your individual delivery system needs.  All tanks are manufactured with sloped bottoms and 2” (5.08 cm) ball valve discharge and safety cap.

Hoover Ferguson stainless steel Liquitote IBC’s are rated UN31A for the transportation and storage of hazardous liquid chemicals.  Non-hazardous liquids may also transported. Hoover Ferguson will work with you to customize your Liquitote® IBC to meet your specific applications.

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  • DOT UN31A permits the shipment of flammable and combustible liquids authorized by Title 49 CFR for land and sea transportation of hazardous liquid materials of packaging groups II and III. Allowable (per DOT) modes of transportation: motor vehicle, rail freight, cargo vessel, or air freight.
  • Built to UN specification. NMFC Item 21032, Sub 1, Class 125
  • Stainless steel Liquitote® tote tanks are UN 31A qualified on all sizes from 120 gallon up to 793-gallon (3001 liters).
  • 10 gauge (.135”/3.4 mm), 304 Stainless Steel with 2B finish
  • Patented one-piece sloped bottom
  • Stackable
  • Heavy-duty lifting lugs and leg positioners
  • 22-5/16” (56.6 cm) top opening/manway with fill port, EPDM gasket, Zinc-plated bolted clamp ring, formed neck
  • 3" (7.62 cm) metal or poly combination fill cap and fusible vent
  • 2" (5.08 cm) top fill bung with EPDM gasket
  • 2” (5.08 cm) discharge assembly with 316 stainless steel one piece elbow, locking handle ball valve and plastic plug
  • Full-length valve guard on side drain tanks
  • 6 1/2"(H) (16.6 cm) radius corner legs with caps


Units: USMetric
Nominal CapacityNominal LengthNominal WidthNominal HeightApprox. Tare WeightMax Gross WeightProduct Number
300 gallon 42” 48” 45” 440 lbs 5203 lbs 370470
350 gallon 42” 48” 51” 475 lbs 6030 lbs 370494
350 gallon * 42” 48” 51” 475 lbs 6030 lbs 372086
1135 liter 1066 mm 1219 mm 1143 mm 197 kg 2360 kg 370470
1325 liter 1066 mm 1219 mm 1295 mm 215 kg 2735 kg 370494
1325 liter * 1066 mm 1219 mm 1295 mm 215 kg 2735 kg 372086

All tanks are Side Drain unless otherwise noted. * Center Drain

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