8000 Liter Offshore Chemical Tanks

The 10ft (8000 liter) SS316 Horizontal Offshore Chemical Tank Container is designed for the carriage of hazardous liquid cargo mounted in a carbon steel frame. Specially designed for repeated use in the transport to, from or between fixed and/or floating offshore installations and ships.

Our horizontal storage tanks are tested to withstand the dynamic lifting and impact forces that may occur during handling in open seas, in adverse weather and sea conditions. Our 10ft (8000 liter) tanks are equipped with a mechanical level gauge and have the added benefit of steam heating as well as being rated to -40degC for use in colder climates.


  • Designed, manufactured and fully certified to DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 standard
  • T11 UN portable tank approved under IMDG / ADR / RID
  • 8,000 litre capacity
  • 4 bar working pressure
  • Vessel material – 316L stainless steel
  • Remote vent valve and level gauge
  • 3” BSP outlet connection
  • Steam heating system
  • D-rings for safety harness attachment
  • Rated for use to -40°C


Units: US Metric
Product NameProduct DescriptionProduct FamilyExternal LengthExternal WidthExternal HeightTare WeightPayloadMaximum Gross Weight
10ft Chemical Tank Chemical Tank Offshore Tank 10 (ft) 8 (ft) 9 (ft) 8378 (lbs) 46738 (lbs) 55116 (lbs)
10ft Chemical Tank Chemical Tank Offshore Tank 2991 (mm) 2438 (mm) 2591 (mm) 3800 (kgs) 21200 (kgs) 25000 (kgs)

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