4000 Liter Bunded Offshore Chemical Tanks

Our Vertical SS316 4000Ltr Bunded Offshore Chemical Tanks provide an added safeguard for the transport and storage of hazardous products in an offshore environment and avoid the requirement of separate transportable bunds or the use of bunded areas. The bunded tanks have a 110% fill capacity of the T11 tank as per HSE guidelines and are fully sealed to avoid the build-up of rainwater.

The tanks are fitted with a three closure outlet assembly comprising of a foot valve, ball valve and dust cap with the foot valve being contained within the bund for additional integrity and safety. The bund is also complete with a maintenance hatch, level sight glass and drain.


  • Designed, manufactured and fully certified to DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 standard
  • Fully enclosed bund with 110% capacity of inner vessel
  • T11 UN portable tank approved under IMDG/ADR/RID
  • 4000 litre capacity
  • 4 bar working pressure
  • Remote vent valve and level gauge
  • 2” BSPP male inlet/ outlet connection
  • 1.5”dip point valve c/w dipstick
  • 3/4” bund sight glass and drain
  • Inner vessel material – 316L stainless steel
  • Top spillage tray c/w cover and drain tube
  • Rated for use to -40°C


Units: US Metric
Product Name Product Description Product Family External Length External Width External Height Tare Weight Payload Maximum Gross Weight
4000l Bunded Tank Bunded Tank Offshore Tank 7 (ft) 7 (ft) 8 (ft) 5732 (lbs) 13007 (lbs) 18739 (lbs)
4000l Bunded Tank Bunded Tank Offshore Tank 2200 (mm) 2200 (mm) 2511 (mm) 2600 (kgs) 5900 (kgs) 8500 (kgs)

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