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Choose from our versatile range of high quality, ready-to-go, DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 and DNV 2.7-2 (where applicable) workspace modules with their superior levels of safety and comfort. Developed specifically to satisfy oil & gas, marine and renewable energy industry requirements, our high specification modules have a wide range of applications. The tough exterior of the Hoover Ferguson workspace module encloses a purpose designed interior. The design team has carefully considered industry needs - safety, security, comfort, footprint space, weight and hook-up capability for rig and vessel managers, transportation and lifting requirements for the carriers and the overall value for money. The product portfolio contains several designs such as A60, hazardous area zoned offices, laboratories, ROV cabins, test cabins, coffee shacks, etc. we also have available modules to NORSOK standards.


  • Modules available for hire or sale
  • Flexible internal layouts to suit your requirements
  • Designed for easy stacking with ISO twist locks
  • Designed to DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 standards and manufactured to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications
  • A60 fire rated module
  • Air-conditioning unit with individual thermostat control
  • PLC based fire and gas detection unit
  • Category II lighting, low brightness
  • High quality fixtures and fittings
  • Quick and easy hook-up provision – plug straight into onboard services (piping and electrical)
  • Optional fire escape hatches replace windows if required

Download our Offshore Module Fleet Wall Chart


Units: US Metric
Length Width Height Maximum Gross Weight
Offshore Workspace 10.3m 33.8 (ft) 10.8 (ft) 10.8 (ft) 35,274 (LBS)
Offshore Workspace 7.6m 24.9 (ft) 11.5 (ft) 10.8 (ft) 26,455 (LBS)
Offshore Workspace 6m 19.7 (ft) 7.9 (ft) 9.2 (ft) 19,841 (LBS)
Offshore Workspace 4.8m 15.7 (ft) 7.9 (ft) 9.2 (ft) 17,637 (LBS)
Offshore Workspace 4.5m 14.8 (ft) 7.9 (ft) 9.2 (ft) 17,637 (LBS)
Offshore Workspace 4m 13.1 (ft) 7.9 (ft) 9.2 (ft) 16,535 (LBS)
Offshore NORSOK Workspace 6m/4.8m/4m 13.1 (ft) 7.9 (ft) 9.2 (ft) 16,535 (LBS)
Length Width Height Maximum Gross Weight
Offshore Workspace 10.3m 10.3 (meters) 3.3 (meters) 3.3 (meters) 16,000 (Kgs)
Offshore Workspace 7.6m 7.6 (meters) 3.5 (meters) 3.3 (meters) 12,000 (Kgs)
Offshore Workspace 6m 6 (meters) 2.4 (meters) 2.8(meters) 9,000 (Kgs)
Offshore Workspace 4.8m 4.8 (meters) 2.4(meters) 2.8 (meters) 8,000 (Kgs)
Offshore Workspace 4.5m 4.5 (meters) 2.4 (meters) 2.8 (meters) 8,000 (Kgs)
Offshore Workspace 4m 4 (meters) 2.4 (meters) 2.8 (meters) 7,500 (Kgs)
Offshore NORSOK Workspace 6m/4.8m/4m 4 (meters) 2.4 (meters) 2.8 (meters) 7,500 (Kgs)

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