Temperature Control Units

Hoover Ferguson is a global supplier of refrigeration and freezer modules. Our modern fleet provides consistent chilled or frozen temperatures for offshore storage and transportation. All modules are manufactured to DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 standards and are available in a range of sizes including 2.5m, 3.0m High Cube, 3.0m Zone 2 and 6.0m Dual Zone.

Temperature Control Units Documentation 

2.5m Refrigeration / Freezer Module

3.0m High Cube Zone 2 Refrigeration / Freezer Module

3.0m High Cube Refrigeration / Freezer Module

6.0m Dual Zone Refrigeration / Freezer module

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2.5 m 3.0m High Cube 6.0m Dual Zone
230v/110v single phase or 380-480v, 2 phase + E, 50/60 HZ supplies
3 phase 50HZ 380-415V, 60HZ 440-460V
Both container and sling assemblies are rated to DNV 2.7-1 and CSC approved
Data logger provides the opportunity to record operational temperatures from dispatch to delivery
Digital Electronic Controller
DNV 2.7-1 type approved wire rope sling assemblies
Double wing door with heavy duty hinges
Dual zone compartments with temperature control settings
Electronic control panel enables the adjustment of internal temperature and control of cooling plant function
Flashing strobe beacon in operation when unit is powered
Hygienic, easy-to-clean GRP interior
Hygienic, easy-to-clean stainless steel interior
Internal cold doors
Internal lighting
Low voltage 24v internal equipment for personal safety
Man trapped alarm for personal safety
Optional removable shelving system
Rear protection gates/door
Removable airflow, high grip flooring
See-through lockable control panel
Dual temperature settings for chiller or freezer unit
Temperature settings ranging from -30°C to +20°C with humidity controller


Units: US Metric
Product Name External Length External Width External Height Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height Tare Weight Payload Maximum Gross Weight
2.5m Refrigeration Module 8 (ft) 8(ft) 10 (ft) 5 (ft) 6 (ft) 7 (ft) 8818 (lbs) 6614 (lbs) 15432 (lbs)
3m High Cube Refrigeration Module 10 (ft) 8 (ft) 9 (ft) 7 (ft) 7 (ft) 7 (ft) 9921 (lbs) 16535 (lbs) 26455 (lbs)
6m Dual Zone Refrigeration Module 20 (ft) 8 (ft) 9 (ft) 16 (ft) 7 (ft) 7 (ft) 16535 (lbs) 16535 (lbs) 33069 (lbs)
2.5m Refrigeration Module 2530 (mm) 2330 (mm) 3130 (mm) 1400 (mm) 1920 (mm) 2250 (mm) 4000 (kgs) 3000 (kgs) 7000 (kgs)
3m High Cube Refrigeration Module 2990 (mm) 2440 (mm) 2890 (mm) 2040 (mm) 2090 (mm) 2260 (mm) 4500 (kgs) 7500 (kgs) 12000 (kgs)
6m Dual Zone Refrigeration Module 6050 (mm) 2440 (mm) 2890 (mm) 5020 (mm) 1990 (mm) 2200 (mm) 7500 (kgs) 7500 (kgs) 15000 (kgs)

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