ENVIRO-PAK® Offshore Compactors and General Waste Compactors

  • Marine Green Compactor

    Segregate and compact solid waste material into wheeled carts for recycling and convenience.

  • H Series Compactors

    Compacts all types of non-hazardous waste and has baling capabilities available upon request.

  • C-Series Compactors

    Our C-Series Compactors are simple, safe and reliable and functions as both a compactor and a baler.

  • Recycling Compactors

    Our patented recycling compactors compact solid waste materials into disposable bags and are ABS approved.

  • Hazardous Waste Compactors

    Compact hazardous waste inside UN approved shipping drums in a manner that does not deform the drum with our hazardous waste compactors.

  • 4000HM Waste Compactors

    Compacts hazardous waste inside UN/DOT approved 1 cubic yard corrugated disposable shipping containers

  • Compactor Bags

    Compactor bags are biodegradable bags made from polypropylene

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