Hoover Ferguson Rental Solutions

The Hoover Ferguson Rental Program provides totes and containers for the oil and gas, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, and refining industries. Hoover Ferguson has one of the largest rental fleets in the industry and over 20 years of experience offering IBC rentals.  Hoover Ferguson’s high-quality containers are used worldwide and our rental program provides totes and containers to clients for their facilities throughout the world. Rentals are also available for offshore facilities and shipping your fluid cargo overseas. One-way rentals for international shipping are available.

  • IBC Rental

    Hoover Ferguson’s rental program offers intermediate bulk containers which are used to store and transport bulk materials and fluids.

  • Offshore Container Rental

    Hoover Ferguson has one of the largest fleets of containers from open top containers to custom built workshops to meet the global demand of the offshore industry.

  • Offshore Basket Rental

    Our basket rental program provides a variety of sizes and features including half-height baskets drop down doors and gates, slings and a number of accessories to meet the demanding needs of the offshore market.

  • Offshore Accommodation Rentals

    To service the needs for personnel accommodations, Hoover Ferguson has a global fleet ranging from sleeping accommodations to kitchen, recreation, and office modules.

  • Offshore Tank Rental

    Offshore tanks from Hoover Ferguson are available for purchase or for rent.

  • Catalyst & Chemical Containers

    Catalyst-Bins enable refiners to unload their catalyst in a safe and efficient way.


    Hoover Ferguson's innovative railway BINCARS transport up to 34 Catalyst-Bins and 132,700 pounds of spent catalyst, making each movement cost effective and efficient.

  • ISO Tank & Chassis Rental

    Hoover Ferguson’s extensive line of ISO tank containers and ISO tank chassis are available to rent.

  • Offshore Frames and Carriers

    Hoover Ferguson's Transport Frames have passed extensive design and performance testing for strength, durability, and safety and meets all requirements of DNV 2.7-1 for offshore applications.

  • Compactors

    Hoover Ferguson trash compactors maximize your recycling and waste reduction efforts by compacting solid waste materials into disposable bags.

  • Food Grinders

    Hoover Ferguson's Food Grinders are used in a variety of settings including offshore platforms, marine vessels, hospitals, rigs, and cafeterias.

  • Containment Basins

    The Hoover Ferguson Rental Program for Liquibasins provides cost-effective secondary containment for fuel and chemical tanks.

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