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The Hoover Ferguson Rental Program for polyethylene and composite IBC's is an economic program to obtain our market-leading IBC's without the capital outlay and inventory management required when purchasing the containers. Whether your company needs polyethylene or composite containers to handle temporary increases in production, or for long-term production requirements, our rental program will provide you the totes you need.

Hoover Ferguson's line of IBC's includes a selection of polyethylene and composite tanks. These tanks are rotationally molded into a seamless, one-piece tank, producing a rugged, durable container that will not leak, rust, chip or corrode. These tanks can withstand harsh environments and weather and are best suited to store chemicals and hazardous materials. Composite tanks are framed with either wire mesh or stainless steel for added protection.


Tuff Tank IBC – Polyethylene bottle surrounded by a heavy-duty mesh cage suited for the harsh environments found in offshore shipping and storage. It is used to store hazardous and corrosive liquids, chemicals, petrochemicals and food liquids. Tuff Tank II™ is a UN31HA1 composite IBC and is approved for shipment of materials as authorized in 49 CFR 172.101, Table of Hazardous Materials and Special Provisions. It is in accordance with IMO Section 26 and can be used per Appendix 1 to Section 26, NMFC Item 41024, Sub3, Class 125.

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