Reconditioned IBC Rental

The Hoover Ferguson Rental Program for reconditioned IBC's provides economic rental of stainless steel and carbon steel Liquitote® totes. Due to the high quality and long product life of Hoover Ferguson's Liquitote® containers, we are able to recondition IBC's that were part of our rental fleet. These reconditioned IBC's offer a cost-effective way to expand your inventory of IBC's.

Hoover Ferguson refurbishes stainless and carbon steel IBC's that were part of its rental fleet. All of Hoover Ferguson's reconditioned IBC's have been thoroughly cleaned and refurbished to industry standard. They are tested to ensure that they conform to UN and DOT standards for shipping and hazardous material handling. Stainless steel IBC's include the re-test certification documentation.  The choice to rent rather than purchase refurbished IBC's can provide numerous financial and production benefits, including improved inventory management, tax and capital savings.

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