Stacked Liquitote System Rental

Hoover Ferguson's Rental Program offers stacked totes for fluid feeding systems. Renting Hoover Ferguson's high-quality containers provides you with the benefits of ownership without the capital outlay and inventory management required when purchasing the containers. Stacked totes provide an effective, closed delivery system for feeding fluids to production process equipment or end-use equipment.

Hoover Ferguson offers four models of stacked totes.

  • Liquisystem® stacked totes combine a Liquitote® base IBC with a Hoover feeder container.
  • Tuff Tank II™ to Tuff Tank II™ totes stack a Tuff Tank II™ feeder container on a Tuff Tank II ™ IBC.
  • Composite to Liquitote® IBC's stack a composite feeder container on a Liquitote® container.
  • Composite to APR® IBC's stack a composite feeder containers on an APR® polyethylene IBC.

All feeder tanks are removable and refillable. These closed supply systems minimize environmental problems by preventing fumes and hazardous waste residue from escaping and preventing accidental spillage. The choice to rent rather than purchase stacked totes can provide numerous financial and production benefits, including improved inventory management, tax, and capital savings.

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