Containment Basin Rental

The Hoover Ferguson Rental Program for Liquibasins® provides cost-effective secondary containment for fuel and chemical tanks. Renting a Liquibasins® containment basin provides the benefits of using our market-leading equipment without the capital outlay and inventory management required when purchasing.

Hoover Ferguson has over 20 years of experience in the IBC and support equipment market and one of the largest rental fleets in the industry. Our flexible rental program offers both short- and long-term rentals to accommodate your business needs. International rentals are available and Hoover can rent IBCs and Liquibasins® secondary containment basins to stock all your facilities worldwide.

Liquibasins® provide superior containment of leaks, drips, and spills, allowing for recovery of material. They are one-piece 10-gauge carbon steel with channel legs for additional support and protection. All pieces and components are coated to provide long-lasting corrosion resistance and durability. Standard sizes are designed for 185, 448 and 748-gallon tanks. Custom sizes are available.

The choice to rent rather than purchase IBCs and containment basins can provide numerous financial and production benefits, including improved inventory management, tax, and capital savings. Our full-time rental department is available to help you determine which IBCs, Liquibasins®, and rental agreements will best suit your storage and shipping needs.

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