Liquitrac GPS Asset Tracking


Any Asset. Any Time. Anywhere.

Liquitrac is a global asset tracking service that provides the most accurate location information via satellite technology. Our hardware is robust, reliable and most importantly, built to last! We provide tracking solutions for a wide variety of asset types and offer a number  of cost effective options that make it easy to maintain the integrity of your fleet.

GPS Container Tracking Key Features:



  • Real time visibility of your assets in the field and offshore

  • Worldwide tracking capabilities with advanced satellite technology

  • APEX Zone 0 and IECEx Zone 0 Certified GPS asset tracking units are fully certified for global applications

  • Connect to your choice: GPS, RFID, Barcode

  • Customizable geo-fence setup for advanced reporting tools

  • Intrinsically safe in hazardous and explosive environments

  • Extended battery life

  • Custom alert setup for assets in transportation

  • Classification 1, Division 1 Qualified

  • Multiple applications for tracking different assets

  • Integrated barcode scanning for quick access to asset information

Barcode Scanning

Liquitrac is constantly working to improve our application and provide the latest features to our customers to aid in running a more organized business.  With your mobile app you can scan the barcode of any asset or tank in your inventory simply by using the camera on your smart phone. Use this feature to view any associated documents, photos, or even update location of your assets or tanks manually!

Barcode tracking with Liquitrac is a cost effective option to easily manage and track your own inventory and provide useful insights to increase utilization and profitability. Our mobile app enables you to check in or out assets to a customer and perform quick cycle counts to ensure no asset gets misplaced. There is no limit to what you can track!


  • Android and iOS mobile applications

  • Low cost asset tracking and inventory solution

  • Hoover Ferguson provided barcodes for your assets

  • Inward and outward movements for sending and receiving assets

  • Audits and cycle inventory counts

  • Updates asset location with each action


  • View asset analytics, such as utilization and slow moving assets

  • Manage days on and off rent

  • Report by customer, asset type, or location

  • View asset’s latest location and breadcrumb trail

  • Manage inventory levels and perform counts



  • Wide variety of reports available for asset tracking purposes
  • Easy to create and can be sent automatically to any and all users in the system
  • Ability to quickly export data out via Excel, Word, or PDF
  • Increased customization to ensure only the data needed is generated


  • Program alerts to warn you when assets are sitting stationary for extended periods of time
  • Choose to receive alerts via text, email or voice
  • Assign alerts to any and all users in the system

Manage By Types

  • Allows alerts for all assets of a specific type to be updated simultaneously
  • Increased automation saves time and greatly reduces chance of human-error
  • Any asset of that type currently setup or to be setup will have that alarm applied automatically eliminating the need to apply individually to each asset



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